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Burns Victim Miracle Recovery Due to New Technology

Doctors and NursesGlenn Ogg is the first person internationally to benefit from new burns treatment after surviving a house fire in Burra, near Clare.

The revolutionary technology was developed at the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s (RAH) Skin Engineering Lab (SEL) and treats burns without using skin grafts.

"The composite autologous skin is grown in a specially designed bioreactor and was developed in conjunction with SEL Scientists Bronwyn Dearman and Amy Li at the RAH," Dr Greenwood said.

Director of the Adult Burn Service Professor John Greenwood says Composite Cultured Skin (CCS) technology is grown in a specially designed bioreactor.

Glenn also received a Biodegradable Temporising Matrix (BTM) which is a skin replacement that neutralises the wound first.

"BTM works by not only 'holding' the burn wounds in a healthy condition, but improving them, for the five weeks it takes to grow CCS and was pivotal in the early survival and progress of the healing of Glenn's wounds," Dr Greenwood said.

Glenn was walking just 28 days after the fire something almost unheard of in the burn’s unit.

He will leave the hospital sometime in the next month and will be transferred to Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre to begin the next stage of his recovery.