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Taller Wind Turbines For DP Energy Park

Wind TurbineResidents in Port Augusta and Stirling North have voiced their concerns over the new development to the DP Energy Park.

The development will see the turbines increased in height from 150-metres to 185-metres, but will also reduce the number of turbines from 59 to 50.

Residents are complaining about not only the noise and dust, but also because the turbines would obstruct the view of the Flinders Ranges.

recent study show that noise and sleep disturbance is present for about 16% of the time at distances up to 3.5km away.

In another study, the researchers found that wind farm vibration is unlikely to cause problems inside residences located 2.4km, 3.3km and 5km from wind farms.

Whether or not this would change with bigger turbines is unknown. 

Although the Port Augusta City Council (PACC) has little to no say in regards to the development, Mayor Brett Benbow says Council will be making a submission on behalf of the community.

Councillor John Naisbitt brought to attention that the PACC prohibit building anything that will block the Baxter Range from a boat, however will stand by while “the environmental disaster on the eastern side” will block the Flinders Ranges.

When the project is complete, it will be fuelled by renewable energy offering most of the services of a traditional fossil fuelled power station, however power generation won't start for another 14 months.