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Election Candidates to Pledge Their Cases

microphone live music.jpgCandidates vying for the seat of Grey in the Federal Election will have the opportunity outline their vision and priorities for the Upper Spencer Gulf at a forum on 1st May.

The forum will be hosted at Central Oval by the Spencer Gulf Cities of Port Pirie, Whyalla and Port Augusta Councils.

Chair of Spencer Gulf Cities Association, Port Pirie Mayor Leon Stephens, says the event will give local businesses and community members a chance to hear first-hand what is important to the candidates seeking election in Grey and to ask questions.

He says they have written to all nominated candidates for the seat of Grey and invited them to present their vision for the future of the Upper Spencer Gulf.

The Candidates Forum follows the release of the Spencer Gulf Cities election priorities for:

  1. A skilled migration and decentralisation programme tailored to meet the specific needs of the Upper Spencer Gulf.
  2. Strategic investment into port, rail, air and road infrastructure to secure the long term economic transition of the Upper Spencer Gulf
  3. Additional Commonwealth supported university places and operational funding for the Upper Spencer Gulf Regional Study Hub to enable students to stay, study and work locally.
  4. A strong, credible and evidence-based national energy policy to provide stability and certainty for investment in the Upper Spencer Gulf.
  5. Coordinated and collaborative investment into civic initiatives in Port Augusta, Whyalla and Port Pirie to foster well-planned city growth and liveability.

Tickets to the lunchtime event can be purchased through Try Booking: at $70 per person.