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Defibrillator Roll Out Around The Region

defibrillator.jpgThe Australian Hotels Association of South Australia has teamed up with Clubs SA and St John Ambulance to roll out over 300 defibrillators in pubs and clubs across the state, including several in the Clare Valley and Mid North.

Clubs SA CEO, Mike Penfold said quick and easy access to defibrillators had saved the lives of the young and not so young pursuing their favourite sport at their club.

The chance of survival dramatically decreases by 10 percent for every minute defibrillation is delayed.

A delay of 10 minutes more often than not results in death.

The roll out of defibrillator installation includes: Bentleys Hotel, Blyth Hotel, Burra Hotel, Riverton’s Central Hotel, Clare Castle Hotel, Clare Country Club, Clare Hotel, Commercial Hotel in Burra, Jamestown’s Commercial Hotel, Crystal Brook Hotel, Jamestown Hotel, North Kapunda Hotel, North Laura Hotel, Peterborough Hotel, Railway Hotels in Jamestown and Peterborough, Rising Sun Hotel, Riverton Hotel, Sevenhill Hotel, Spalding Hotel, Taminga Hotel and Watervale Hotel.