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Call For Independent Review Into Land Access

grass.JPGThe Yorke Peninsula Council has passed a motion 7 votes to 1 pushing the South Australian government for an independent review into land access provisions in the Mining Bill.

Under the Mining Act of 1971, farm land is largely exempt from mining, however a mining operator can apply to have this exemption waived in court.

Councilor Roger Johns moved the motion in consideration of the central role both agriculture and tourism play in the area’s local economy, and urged the council to take any potential threat to these defining aspects of the Peninsula’s character seriously.

In addition to the review, the motion also moved that the Government Recognise, protect and enhance the productivity and long term economic viability of our district’s agriculture and tourism industries, and ensuring that future development does not detract from the “Agriculturally rich and naturally beautiful” character of the district.

Similar Character Preservation acts have been successfully implemented within South Australia, most notably in the Barrossa Valley and McLaren Vale.

The motion could reach state parliament as soon as February 26 th , though this is at the Governments discretion.