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Port Augusta City Council Meetings To Be Live Streamed

computer use.jpgPort Augusta City Council has announced that they will be now live streaming their meetings.

After a hotly contested vote last Tuesday, the resulting 5-4 vote outcome saw the motioned carried.

Some councillors raised concern that the move may cause less people to witness the meetings in person.

One councillor suggested that the video footage may be manipulated and used against the filmed councillors.

Councillor Ann Johnstone has noted she doesn’t want the new technology to replace current methods of communication with the public, but to increase transparency, and offer another option to the public who otherwise may not be able to attend.

Councillors Ann Johnston, Louise Foote, Phillip Brown, Matt Leonard and Maralyn Marsh voted in favour with Fran Paynter, John Naisbitt, Sunny Singh and Linley Shine opposed.

The Technology will be implemented from the next meeting Tuesday, February 26.