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Water Set to Flow to Orroroo Residents

Water Pipe Orroroo.JPGResidents in Orroroo are edging closer to a new high-quality drinking water supply, with the majority of installation works on a 36km water pipeline to Peterborough now complete. 

The project's remaining works include installing pressure-reducing valves and a flow control valve system, and all connections to the network.

The new pipeline will significantly improve the township's drinking water through the supply of high-quality River Murray Water, by connecting to the Morgan to Whyalla pipeline network.

Orroroo residents currently receive water from the Walloway Basin, which is classified as drinkable but does not meet certain taste qualities due to naturally-occurring salinity.

SA Water reports that crews have safely laid all sections of pipe between Peterborough and Orroroo and water will be flowing through the pipeline to customers by early March.

Crews have installed the new pipes within road verges following Petersburg Road, RM Williams Way, Bencic Road and Minburra Road. A further 17 kilometres of water main has also been replaced between Peterborough and Yongala, with thrust-auger boring taking place under railway crossings at four different sections.

The 358km Morgan to Whyalla pipeline is one of SA Water's longest pipeline networks, with an annual delivery capacity of approximately 66,000 megalitres of water.