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Man Accused of Wallaroo Manhunt goes Free

Police_Line_Crime_Scene_2498847226.jpgPolice have dropped all charges against the man accused of sparking a nine-hour siege in Wallaroo last August.

Prosecutors have said that the case against the 27-year-old man would not proceed and he will be released from jail.

It was alleged that he was approached by police in August last year and pointed a firearm at officers before fleeing, leading police on a nine-hour manhunt in Wallaroo.

Prosecutors previously told the court that Mr Taylor was wanted by police over alleged firearm thefts, but when he was approached on a Wallaroo street in August, he pointed a firearm at officers before fleeing.

The man was arrested in NSW last September before being extradited back to SA

He was later arrested and charged with possessing a firearm without a licence, aggravated assault with a weapon against a police officer and possessing a firearm with intent to commit an offence.

The court heard that there was insufficient evidence proving that the accused has possession of the firearms.

In a statement, police said the reason the charges had been dropped was because of a lack of "admissible evidence".