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Updated Councils in High Risk Bushfire Areas

Bushfire.JPGThe CFS are redrawing fire danger maps to prevent development in high risk bushfire areas across the state with many high-risk areas falling within the region.

Experts from the State Emergency Management Committee, Department of Environment, Country Fire Service and the Local Government Association have put together the database.

The Planning Department says it is expected that new areas may be included due to better understanding of bushfire behaviour, particularly in relation to weather patterns and vegetation

The Flinders District, Yorke Peninsula, Peterborough, Copper Coast, Orroroo Carrieton, Northern Areas and Goyder Councils are included in the updated at-risk database.

Since 2006 the potential fire danger of an area has been factored in to council approval for homes, tourist accommodation, schools and other sensitive development.

A ban on some buildings can be put in place in the areas of highest risk, or conditions placed on building materials and safety in areas according to “general, medium and high” risk.

CFS director of preparedness operations stressed nobody in South Australia should be complacent about the bushfire threat, irrespective of fires having occurred in their area in the past.

Take a look at the database HERE