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Three Cases of Parvovirus Discovered in Whyalla

dog.jpegThree separate cases of Canine Parvovirus have been discovered in Whyalla after an RSPCA inspector responded to cruelty reports in the town.

All three of the infected dogs were under a year old and had never been vaccinated.

Two of the infected dogs survived treatment with the third having to be euthanised.

RSPCA South Australia’s Whyalla based inspector says the recent warmer weather coupled with rain has created the ideal conditions to activate dormant Parvovirus bacteria in the soil.

The currently available vaccines increase survival rates for dogs that contract any strain of Parvovirus, including a new strain detected in Australia last year.

The RSPCA is continuing to urge dog owners to vaccinate their pets with Whyalla and the surrounding areas among SA’s parvovirus hotspots.