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Rex Airlines Making Cuts to Services

plane wing1.JPGRegional Airline Rex has announced it will be making more cuts to its services across the state due to a pilot shortage with the carrier blaming larger airlines.

Rex says regional aviation was hit the hardest as many local and international airlines actively poach pilots.

The airline is accusing Qantas and Virgin of poaching 56% of their captains over the past two years which equates to 78 captains.

In South Australia Rex flies from Adelaide to Port Augusta, Whyalla up to Coober Pedy and all over the state.

In an open letter to its regional customers Rex says due to the pilot shortage routes will have to be cancelled or combined with other routes.

This decision could have a devastating impact on regional communities across South Australia. It follows Whyalla missing out on hosting the Qantas Pilot Academy.

In May this year Rex cut five return flights a week between Mt Gambier and Adelaide due to the pilot shortage and unfair criticism levelled against the carrier.

Rex was not able to have its usual contingent of standby pilots rostered for duty because of the shortage meaning any last-minute sick leave may result in flights being cancelled or combined with other routes.

Rex will be redoubling its pilot recruitment efforts in Australia as well as overseas.