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Port Pirie Lead Levels in Children Looking Promising

blood_test.jpgPort Pirie’s latest blood-lead levels are encouraging, according to an analysis by SA Health Director of Scientific Services Dr David Simon.
The analysis of children’s blood-lead levels in the first quarter of this year showed a slight improvement.

The average blood-lead level for children under five years old in Port Pirie is 4.6 micrograms per decilitre, slightly lower by 0.1 microgram per decilitre compared with the same time last year.
A total of 51.4 percent of children had levels equal to or below the recommended exposure level of five. This is an improvement of 1.2 percent more, compared with a year ago.

But Dr Simon said he was cautiously optimistic, saying it was still early days and people have to be vigilant about reducing children’s exposure to lead.