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Man Jailed For Assault of Teenager in Port Augusta

police_line.jpgA man has been sentenced to two months in jail for assaulting a teenager in Port Augusta.
The 45-year-old man faced the Port Augusta Magistrates court yesterday charged with assault.

He was filmed assaulting a 15-year-old boy in front of his teenage son in an attack in Port Augusta, the incident was posted to social media and went viral.
The vision showed the boy being approached by two people, the man and his 14-year-old son, before being thrown to the ground and punched several times.

At the time of the attack police said the victim did not sustain any injuries.

The victim's mother says she would never forgive the man for what he did and was glad he got jail time. She also said her son was receiving counselling.

Port Augusta Mayor Sam Johnson says while he did not know those involved or the circumstances, he described the incident as "outrageous" and "disgusting". 

Magistrate Rodney Oates described the incident as "very serious and confronting" and says it was a "breach of trust between the father and son".

The man was sentenced to a full term of five months and 12 days and will serve two months in jail.