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Port Augusta Council makes Scathing Submission to Senate Inquiry

port_augusta_power_station.jpgThe Port Augusta Council has made a scathing submission to a senate inquiry investigating the rehabilitation of coal fired power stations and their ash dams.

The council has pointed out the failure of the State and Federal governments in assisting the community following the closure of the Northern Power Station which was one of the city’s largest employers.

The submission said there was "cynicism felt by the Port Augusta community" by the "inequity when considering the level of support received by other communities facing closure of local coal-fired power stations."

Port Augusta Mayor Sam Johnson says the Federal government made very little attempt to help the city transition away from its coal fired past. "Whereas you look at the announcement of the Hazelwood power station, you had about a 24-hour response time from the Federal Government with a $43 million assistance package," Mr Johnson says. 

The report also makes reference to the power stations ash damn remediation and how Flinders Power failed to properly mitigate against dust storms.