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Snowtown welcomes public art.

Snowtown’s disused water tower has been given a new lease on life following its conversion to a 360 degree canvas for renowned mural Artist Joel Van Moore, known as Vans The Omega, who has previously worked with the Port Pirie Regional Council for their Mural representing the towns Maritime and fishing history.

The Snowtown project depicts a number of locals, Snowtown ambulance volunteer Jenny Cox, Long standing CFS Volunteer John Hansen, and games record holder of Blyth Snowtown Football Club Simon McCormack.

The Mural’s painting didn’t come without challenges, three and a half days of 40+ degrees, winds up to 100kph, and dust storms – followed by rainstorms. However, it didn’t stop the use of 120 litres of paint to create the masterpiece.

Mr Van Moore said of the project that “it feels really important… I think it is going to do a lot to help the town, I think it just needs that little extra kick, and I think this might be the thing to do it”

Snowtown Water Tower Art