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Port Augusta council takes matters into its own hands over East Side Jetty

port augusta.jpgPort Augusta City Council has admitted that it’s come to crunch time, and has stepped in to do something about the East Side Foreshore Jetty.

An inspection is wrapping up today of the pile, cross, ties and brackets on the jetty; through Whyalla diving services.

It should give a better idea about how much it’s going to be to restore or, if worse comes to worse, rebuild the actual jetty.
However, there will need to be a joint effort between Port Augusta and the State Government if there’s a hope at seeing the barricades brought down.
After it’s closure in 2014, Port Augusta Mayor Sam Johnson asked Government to chip in half the funding-but they weren’t that keen.

Mr Johnson said the council appealed for funding back in 2014, but this was the furthest their application reached.

“We needed the State Government to provide half the funding and he (Mullighan) said no because if he did it for one he’d have to do it for another,” Mr Johnson said.