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Wakefield council road repair work in doubt

repairs generic.jpgRepair work on four roads within the Wakefield Regional Council has stalled.
Council hasn’t been able to get hold of rubble for the roads and so as a result, Dows Road, Wilson Road, Bonnie Brae Road and Brunga East road have basically all been ditched.
Council needs to get hold of a source that is within 10km’s of the four roads, and key landowners, coupled with a lack of rubble deposits, are presenting major road blocks for council.
As far as options go, council have their hands tied, the eastern edge and the north-west corner of the council area, where many of the roads lie, doesn’t have a major deposit.
They could grab rubble from further away, but that can only be done when the road is primarily bitumen, and in the Wakefield area, it isn’t.