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A Valentine's alone has all the benefits

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Photo: Jesus Solana

Ignore everything you've been influenced into believing about being single on Valentine's Day - if there's one thing that's better than having a lover, it's not having one at all. Clearly this is going to take some

convincing as the vast majority would rather dwell on their solitude rather than truly appreciate it, so here goes...

Treat yourself: Rather than spending a ridiculous amount of cash on gifts that generally cost half the price every other day of the year, why not put that money into something much more worthwhile – yourself! V-Day is the perfect time to indulge in some retail therapy and buy that one thing you’ve been eyeing off for ages. Best of all, you will have something to show and keep for your effort, whether it’s a new wardrobe or all the good feels of a nice massage.

Party it up: If you were invited to go out, but dread being the third or fifth wheel, go anyway. Enjoy the company of others, hit a few bars and who knows, you might even meet some spare wheels of the opposite sex to bond with.

Veg out: Being single doesn’t actually bother everyone believe it or not, so doing nothing is also a perfectly reasonable way to acknowledge Valentine’s as a proud single person. Stay home, chuck on your favourite movie, lounge on the couch, eat bad food and enjoy the fact that you don’t have anyone else’s expectations to live up to.

Catch up with other single friends: There is power in numbers, so make your Valentine’s revolt a day to remember and gather the mates together for some good ol’ fashion independent fun. Get outta town: There is no better or more opportune moment that Valentine’s Day to hit the road and take yourself on a much-deserved trip. Take a daytrip, head interstate and see family or heck, go check out another country if your finances allow – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Ignore it completely: When it comes right down to it, Valentine’s Day is far from being about romance anymore. With corporate empires cashing in on loved-up couple’s fantasies, all the occasion really stands for is mindless consumerism and those willing to conform to manufactured idealisms of what love is and how it should be acknowledged and expressed. So at the end of the day, the greatest thing of all to take pleasure in is the fact that you have enough sense to identify a glorified business scheme and realise that everyone’s love is relative to their own individual desires.