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Prepare your toast there is a new breakfast spread coming

Somewhat Sweet

It’s time to start preparing your pantry to make room for some seriously delicious new additions soon to be available in Australian supermarkets.

Lindt Cocoa and Lindt Hazelnut spreads are hitting our shores soon and they are already tipped to become a big hit with shoppers.

Lindt Hazelnut spread will be available in Coles supermarkets from March, and its sister product the Cocoa spread from May.

According to reports, the Hazelnut spread will contain 25% roasted hazelnuts, almost double that of other popular spreads which means that while deliciously sweet this “nut-tacular” spread will only be for those who are a true fan of the hazelnut.

Each jar will reportedly set you back $10.

Lindt had previously launched the hazelnut spread in the UK and it became an instant hit selling out quickly.