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Game of Thrones Trailer Episode 2 and Viewer Details

HBO's Game of Thrones returned yesterday with the premiere episode of the Eighth and final season. Watch the video above for a sneak peek into next weeks episode 2. 

Viewers came out in large numbers with reports that many people have been either rewatching the series leading up to this moment or desperately trying to binge before the final season began. 

The series is breaking plenty of records as well with 17.4 million viewers in the US (not including those who watch the program via alternate illegal methods). Those numbers are expected to grow significantly over the next few days.

It's been reported that over 1 million people tuned into Foxtel in Australia to watch the episode across their multiple services. 

 You may have noticed that the opening credits have changed also. The show is known for focusing the locations in the credits on places that feature in the episode. Watch the video here to see some special additions in case you missed it last night.