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Jack Black in distracted boyfriend meme

If you haven't been watching Jack Black's new YouTube channel “Jablinski Games" where have you been? It is HILARIOUS!

In a recent episode posted on Feb 22, 2019, Black takes us to the set of Jumanji 4 currently filming in Atlanta!

While this video is so good (and totally worth the 18 mins), his Atlanta adventures have also inspired the latest version of the 'distracted boyfriend' meme.

As Jack was walking through East Atlanta Village, watch as a guy does a double take while holding hands with someone who is likely his girlfriend/partner.

Watch the distraction:


Here it is again:

See the original 'distracted boyfriend' that started it all:

Watch the full episode here!

Btw if you were digging Jack Black's jam with TheHumanDj you can find him on Insta!