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Shane Warne tests positive for COVID-19

Shane Warne has missed London Spirit's clash with Southern Brave in the new English cricket limited-overs competition The Hundred after he was one of two members of the team's coaching staff to test positive for COVID-19.

AZ doses aplenty, calls grow to get jabbed

The call to get vaccinated has intensified across the nation with Sydney clocking up another 200-plus day of new coronavirus cases and yet another death recorded, the 14th in this current outbreak.

Sydney crackdown, 70,000 cars checked

Over 250 fines have been issued for straying beyond local government areas after more than 70,000 vehicle checks as part of a massive police operation to thwart lockdown protesters entering central Sydney.

Up to 1000 police ready to meet protesters

Up to a thousand police officers will be on duty to meet anyone considering attending an anti-lockdown protest in Sydney this weekend, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has warned.

Blood clots not higher after 2nd AZ jab

AstraZeneca's COVID-19 shot did not increase the instances of rare blood clots with low platelets in people after the second dose, a study shows, potentially easing some worries over the vaccine's side-effects.