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How to be the perfect prince on Valentine's Day

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Okay guys this is for you! I promise not talk about dresses, lippy or heels.

I want to help you look hot for your date this Valentine’s Day!

So aside from showering, getting your hair cut, shaving your face

and whacking on nice cologne, you still need to dress that bod of yours.

It’s so much easier for guys to put together an outfit because you only really need to pick a good pair of pants and your 80 per cent there.

Picking the right pair of pants can be hard for a guy, and by pants I’m not talking about jeans. I’m talking about chinos and dress pants – two categories of threads that some guys can’t tell apart to save their lives.

With a few general style tips, most guys can pretty much walk in anywhere and find a nice pair of quality jeans that fit well and head home. But with “real” pants, things get complicated, and in the end it typically comes down to finding something “good enough” and moving on with their life.

But if you want to look your best for your date this Valentine’s Day, that simply won’t do.

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In this guide, I’ll take a look at the chino, a versatile pant choice that can keep you looking good on those date nights when jeans just aren’t enough.

Chinos make you look like you have put in effort to dress up for dinner, nothing like earning extra brownie points after handing her the roses.

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If you’re going on a day date: Wear a relaxed Chino pant preferably tanned or light blue colour with a crisp white singlet and slip on grey shoes. If you want to look more casual you can roll the bottom of your chinos up. Have light denim shirt on standby to wear open when the day cools down, and don’t forget your sunnies.

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If you’re going on a night date: Pair your chinos with a cotton dress shirt and a cotton blazer with leather boots. It’s that simple. Keep your patterns to a minimal and focus more on a polished look. A little stubble with this look never goes astray.

Most of all put thought into the date itself, that’s what she will love the most. Always remember boys, with fashion, if in doubt leave it out.