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Prawns vie for Aussie Christmas domination


A disturbing trend has been gathering pace at Australian Christmas parties in recent years for those of us who believe that things born in the water should stay in the water.

Seafood lovers see no problem with an enormous plate

of prawns becoming a fixture of the dinner table on Christmas day, and why would they?

If you don’t like it, don’t eat it, right? Well, wrong.

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It would be nice if it were that simple but seating seafood-loving Uncle Paul next to Grandma, is pretty much like playing cat and dog. It’s a disaster waiting to happen and could mean a deep divide in the family dynamic.

Traditionalists don’t tend to take too kindly to a very fishy Christmas but not only that; there are generally a lot of people who just can’t stomach the stuff also.

As Aussies, most of us respect the right for those who aren’t roast-lovers to eat as much seafood as they like, but it’s important to keep in mind that there’ll always be at least one guest who thinks the plate full of prawns smells like a poorly maintained roadhouse toilet.

Some of us even die if we eat the stuff and dying on Christmas ruins the vibe, sometimes for years to come depending on how well liked the deceased is/was.

Even worse than dying is the effect of prawns on ham.

Keeping the Christmas ham locked in the same fridge as the prawns means you have essentially created a big chunk of prawn flavoured ham, along with the prawn flavoured chicken and prawn flavoured turkey.

We’re not arguing that seafood should be dumped from the Christmas menu, maybe just don’t look at us like we’ve got three heads when we tell you we’d rather pass on the prawns.