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Magnitude 6 earthquake kills one in Taiwan

A magnitude-6 earthquake has shaken Taiwan, the island's Central Weather Bureau says, with one person killed and others injured .

The quake struck at 5.28am local time on Thursday at a depth of 22.5km, the bureau said.

The quake's epicentre was 36.5km east of Taiwan's eastern county of Yilan, with the impact being felt across the island, the government said in a statement.

More than 10,000 families in northern and eastern parts of Taiwan were left without electricity. Residents in the capital Taipei, where the quake's intensity measured 4 on Taiwan's 7-tier intensity scale, said they were woken by falling objects and furniture in their homes.

A woman from New Taipei, which is adjacent to the capital, has been confirmed dead after being found in her home under a fallen bedroom closet, according to the National Fire Agency.

A second magnitude-4.6 quake struck at 7.02am at a depth of 66.4km. It was centred 14.8km east of Yilan.

No nuclear power plants or high-tech science parks on the island were affected by the earthquake, the state-run Central News Agency said.

In September 1999, the earthquake-prone island, which sits on the convergent boundary between the Eurasian plate and the Philippine Sea plate, was hit by a magnitude-7.3 earthquake that left more than 2400 people dead.

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