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NSW toughens up on drink-driving laws

NSW will introduce new anti-drink driving laws which include broader use of interlock devices and instant disqualification for the worst offenders.

Mid-range drink-drivers, those detected with a blood alcohol level between 0.08 and 0.15, will spend at least three months disqualified under the new laws that apply from midnight on Sunday.

They will also have an alcohol interlock device installed in their car for 12 months.

Interlocks, which require drivers to supply a clear breath test to start their vehicle's ignition, have previously been reserved for high-range and repeat offenders.

High-risk drink-drivers will also face harsher penalties; their number plates and vehicles will be taken from them for three months on the spot if found by police.

The new measures come after NSW Police established Strikeforce Puma, earlier this year, to hunt down notorious bad drivers.

The strike force charged a Sydney woman in October after she allegedly dropped her children at school while driving with drugs in her system and, in August, charged a learner driver for allegedly performing a burnout which blew his tyres.

Since the beginning of the year there have been 330 deaths on NSW roads, 19 fewer than for the same time last year.

"We all know drink-driving is unacceptable and now the penalty is swift," NSW Minister for Roads Melinda Pavey said in a statement on Sunday.

Ms Pavey said 55 of the fatalities in last year's road toll were in alcohol-related crashes.

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