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Man raped Vic women after meeting online

An Egyptian man who raped three vulnerable women he met online has shown no remorse for the attacks at his Melbourne unit, says the judge who jailed him.

Adel Nafady committed the first assault a couple of months after arriving in Australia to study in February 2015.

The 31-year-old met all three victims through dating sites such as OkCupid and Plenty of Fish.

He has been sentenced to 12 years' and four months' jail, with a non-parole period of seven-and-a-half years.

"A signal has to be sent to those who use such sites to meet females ... that mere participation on such sites does not mean they have consented to any or all sexual activity," Victorian County Court Judge Damian Murphy said while sentencing Nafady on Friday.

Nafady's victims, foreign women aged in their 20s and 30s, were vulnerable and trusted him, the judge said.

One woman from Colombia, who spoke limited English, went to his Windsor flat after he promised to review her CV so she could get a job.

Nafady repeatedly asked her to be his girlfriend and tried to hug and kiss her.

The woman tried to run out the front door, but Nafady blocked her and eventually pinned her down, grabbing her throat before raping her.

"She felt like she was going to die that night," Judge Murphy said.

Another rape occurred after Nafady and his victim, who connected on Plenty of Fish, had drinks in a bar.

Nafady held the woman's hands and wrists to stop her moving during the assault at his unit.

She has been unable to work since, suffering anxiety and depression.

A third victim, a woman from Hong Kong, had been in Melbourne for two days when she was raped.

Nafady connected with her on OkCupid before she arrived and asked her to stay at his unit, assuring her he would protect her, the court heard.

They had consensual sex, but the woman later said she needed space and refused his advances.

Nafady forcibly undressed her and pinned her down.

The court heard Nafady had spent time in immigration detention since his arrest, including six months on Christmas Island while riots occurred.

He faced six trials - including one retrial following a hung jury - between November and March over charges he raped four women in 2015.

Nafady was found guilty of raping three of them, and acquitted of raping a fourth.

He will be deported at the end of his sentence and has already spent 317 days in custody.

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