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Qld parents want truth to find slain son

The parents of slain Queensland man Timothy Pullen are unsure if they believe their son was cremated as the man who disposed of his body makes a bid for parole.

Stephen Renwick is serving a five-year jail sentence for leaving Mr Pullen's corpse near Collinsville, west of Airlie Beach, after he was killed over a $30,000 drug debt in April 2012.

Renwick originally claimed he dumped Mr Pullen's body in a blanket in a paddock but changed his story to say the 34-year-old was burned to ash after the state government introduced new "No Body, No Parole" laws in August 2017.

His barrister Josh Fenton told a parole hearing on Friday that only "microscopic levels" remained of Mr Pullen and were likely washed away from the area by Cyclone Debbie in March 2017.

Parents Leanne and Gary Pullen said they were unsure whether to believe their son had been cremated as the timing of Renwick's revelation was "extremely suspicious".

"What's the truth - is he maybe thinking that by saying he's cremated Tim that there won't be any evidence? I don't know," Mrs Pullen said.

The parole board will hand down their decision at a later date.

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