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Qld govt wants child death sentence probe

The Queensland government will ask its sentencing advisory council to look at whether harsher penalties should be handed to people convicted over the death of child.

The announcement came hours after Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the government will consider appealing the suspended sentence given to a man who pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his four-year-old stepson on Wednesday.

Matthew Scown was sentenced to a maximum four years' jail for the manslaughter of Tyrell Cobb in May 2009, but walked from the Brisbane Supreme Court hours later after the remainder of his head sentence was suspended.

Scown had spent two years and eight months in custody and was not responsible for the injuries that killed Tyrell, but had failed in his duty of care to the boy who died on the Gold Coast, Justice Martin Burns said.

The sentence angered child protection advocates, especially after he was pictured laughing upon his exit from court.

"How insensitive is that for the man to be laughing after the death of his stepson. Absolutely, absolutely unacceptable," Ms Palaszczuk told the Nine Network on Thursday.

However, AAP can reveal Scown began laughing after a TV cameraman filming him walked backwards into a garbage bin.

Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath says the probe has not been triggered by any particular case.

"Rather, the Palaszczuk government has recognised an ongoing concern in the community that needs to be explored," she said in a statement.

Terms of reference for a possible probe need to be finalised before the QSAC is asked to hold their inquiry, which could feature public forums.

"When the death of a child occurs, we are all heartbroken, but when these deaths occur at the hands of another person, we all want to ensure that the community's expectations are being met in the justice system," Ms D'Ath said.

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