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Giant mural painted for Olympics



Brazilian graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra says a mural painted in the lead-up to the Rio Olympics "speaks of the coming together of all the world's people".

A giant mural measuring some 3000 square metres showing the faces of different ethnicities from the five continents is the gift of the famous Brazilian graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra to Rio de Janeiro as the Olympic Games draw nearer.

Despite the few sponsors he found for the project and the little time he had to complete it, Kobra accepted the challenge to paint his largest-ever mural while taking advantage of the Olympics to spread his message of peace and unity that he has promoted with different works in a number of nations.

"This project is a follow-up to some of the murals I painted around the world and which I have called Looking at Peace.

"They're panels featuring those who have been important in seeking peace like Malala, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. I did some in Europe and some in the United States," the Sao Paulo-born muralist, 39, told EFE in an interview.



The new mural, dubbed We Are All One and which covers the entire front wall of an abandoned parking lot in the port of Rio de Janeiro, portrays the faces of five indigenous individuals, one for each continent.

First comes one of Ethiopia's Mursi ethnicity, followed by one from the Karen tribe of Thailand, a Tapajos from Brazil, a Chukchi from Siberia, and finally a member of the Huli ethnicity in New Guinea: in other words, Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Oceania.

"It's a mural that speaks of the coming together of all the world's people," the graffiti artist born in a shantytown outside of Sao Paulo said.

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