SA Government Has Announced the Construction of a New Port Augusta Technical College

May 29, 2023 4:04 am in by

The South Australian government has announced the construction of a new Port Augusta Technical College as part of a $208.8 million initiative to establish five technical colleges across the state.

The college, set to open in 2025, aims to provide Upper Spencer Gulf students with direct pathways to careers in industries such as electricians, engineers, boilermakers, and gas fitters.

With a focus on key sectors like manufacturing and construction, mining and mineral processing, and renewable energy, the college will offer modern facilities and industry partnerships to help students transition from school to in-demand job opportunities.

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The government’s commitment to technical colleges aims to equip young people with critical skills to meet industry demand and prepare them for future employment. The Port Augusta Technical College will complement the existing vocational pathways at Port Augusta Secondary School and provide alternative training and education options for senior secondary students. The college will collaborate with local employers and industry to replicate real workplace environments and provide hands-on skills training. The construction of the college, led by ARM Architecture, is scheduled to begin later this year. For more information, visit the website

Minister for Education, Blair Boyer, while visiting Port Augusta , said the town is a unique region with unique local industry and expertise and its vital to provide the links from education to training and exciting career paths for the next generation.